West Texas Weekly Photography Contest

West Texas Weekly Photography Contest

UPDATE: Voting is now closed. Votes will be tabulated and a winner will be announced soon. Look for an extensive feature layout for the winner as well as prizes for the contestants with the first, second and third most votes.


I would like to give a big thanks to all my readers who contributed photos. You guys are great!

The photos are laid out below in the order I received them without the names of the submitting photographers. Vote through the comments. Leave the number of the photo set that you think is best overall in your comment i.e. “My vote is for photo set #3”.

Each reader receives one vote. A photographer can vote. Voting will be open for two weeks. Click below to see the entries and vote.

Photo Set #1




Photo Set #2




Photo Set #3




Photo Set #4




Photo Set #5




Photo Set #6



Photo Set #7




Photo Set #8– To see photo set #8 up close, click here.




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192 thoughts on “West Texas Weekly Photography Contest

  1. mark

    Can I pick different categories from different artists, for example:

    landscape photo from #1
    Animal photo from #4
    plant photo from #8

    and also,
    is this all of them? I don’t see my friends photo’s up there and she sent them in whenever the contest first started.

  2. mark

    plus, instead of making them all big here couldn’t you make the pictures links to bigger pictures of them. I think a lot of detail is lost in the size.

  3. admin

    I’m sorry, you have to vote for one photo set. Have your friend re-send them. All photos I received have been posted.

  4. admin

    I may make a page that consists of large photos. The load time for large photos was simply too long, particularly for cable modems and dial up.

  5. allison

    I vote for set 3.

    You can host the pictures at http://www.imageshack.us and post “Thumbnails” here that link to a bigger picture not hosted on your server (if that is an issue) so people can see bigger shots. Just a suggestion.

    Additionally, I don’t see an animal in set 5. Wasn’t there supposed to be one of an animal in each set?

  6. admin

    The problem is that viewers would have to click 48 times to see all the photos.

    Here’s a nice compromise: photographers, if you want to display full-size photos, post your pictures to Flickr or another hosting service. Send me the link and I will embed it in the post.

  7. Paul Glaves

    I vote for Set 6. The sunset is stunning and the Bluebells are awe inspiring. Cute dog too!

  8. Geraldine Lister

    I want to cast my vote for Set #5. The colors are beautiful and the subjects are perferct. You have a good future in photography.

  9. Stacy

    I vote for photo set #5. The photos are so bright and vivid. They are very well-framed and free from any background noise that might detract from the main focal points.

  10. Ann Pape

    My favorite is Set #7. Used to love playing with hornedtoads when growing up in Texas. Also the scenery is beautiful and the cactus in bloom is great. Good job.

  11. admin

    Well, there’s always a problem… do I have very low size thumbnails and force people to click links? Someone who is not tech-savvy would just make their decision based on the tiny thumbnails.

    Also people might have click fatigue by the time they get to set 5… that gives an unfair advantage to the earlier sets. If someone has a sluggish connection (sharing wi-fi or dial-up or inferior DSL) they can get up for a minute and come back and all 24 medium-sized photos have loaded… not possible if I’m using hyperlinks.

    If anyone feels constrained by the format, crop your photos and re-submit them. Seriously, the large photos are a couple of megs apiece. The page ends up being 70-100 megs.

  12. Rachel Barr

    I do hope you can provide links to the original sized images. Indeed a lot is lost in compression, and I’d really like see all the entries in their original parameters before casting my vote.

  13. Carolyn Menges

    It’s a tough choice between #5 and #8. All sets have wonderful photos. I vote for #5

  14. Craig Nelson

    I prefer the picture set #7 as best representing the area and its creatures. Thanks

  15. GGG

    Both 7 and 8 are crisp clear photos. # 8 captures the West Texas wildlife and beauty best. MY VOTE IS FOR # 8!

  16. Eddy

    Photo set #8. None of the others are in the same league for composition, subject matter and professionalism.

  17. rick-kerrville

    I vote for #7- love those horny toads-remind me of my childhood catching and playing with them.

  18. CBG

    My vote is for #7, I too reflect back to my childhood with the picture of the horned toad and playing with them.

  19. Victoria

    Great contest as all the pictures are great. Many that make you feel you are actually there. My vote is for # 7.

  20. donmahan

    I vote for set #8. Great technical skill went into making these photgraphs and the results are fantastic.

  21. Daffy Bush

    I vote for #7. I feel it puts you there and lets you feel the desert. Also I love the Texas horney toad.

    Best Wishes. DBush

  22. Dr. C. S.

    I vote for # 7 as it seems to me to be more representative of the area and is done well.

  23. Prof Bettie

    #7 is my choice. As a professional photographer, I believe number seven represents an understanding of the area.

  24. Kassy

    I vote for #8….although lots of the photos are great. Nice to see black and white photography, too.

  25. Anonymous

    Set #5 is my fave, so it gets my vote! I like the mountain pic and I like the way the dog is drinking from the water in the second pic. It’s cute!

  26. Barbara

    I vote for #8. Each of these photos manages to capture the unexpected beauty of this area. Very professionally done. I also enjoyed #1.

  27. Anonymous

    They are all great pictures. I like the black and whites, and the goat……but if I have to pick A set I say #5. Great use of color.

  28. NancyB

    I like #4, I’m a sucker for b/w pics. I also love the dog and the pool. All the photos are great tho.

  29. Joyanne

    They are all beautiful, but I especially love set #7. The first in the set is especially lovely in the way it displays serenity and grandeur. And the horney toad photo captures his pose perfectly!