Please, Please, Please Buy Some Advertising!!!

Please, Please, Please Buy Some Advertising!!!

This Guy Knows How to Write Ad Copy!

Please, please, please buy some advertising!!!

If you like what you are reading, be warned, I will only continue to provide the funniest and sharpest articles if I am paid! If I don’t get any advertising revenue, I’m gonna shut up shop. That’s a shame, because I have some great stuff planned– TERLINGUA WEEK, VIRTUAL FILM FESTIVAL AND COSMIC SOUL BROTHER WEEK!!!

Today I am starting a new advertising promotion:


We are bombarded with trivial choices every day. I am doing my best to combat that trend and make everything as simple as possible.

It’s oh-so-easy to advertise on West Texas Weekly:

  1. Pay me $40.
  2. Provide me with the graphics, video, or copy for your ad.
  3. See your ad in WTW the same day.

THAT’S IT, NO MUSS, NO FUSS. You don’t get billed at a later date. You don’t have to approve a mock-up. You don’t have to give me a credit card number.