Promote Your Non-Profit with a Special Deal!!!

Promote Your Non-Profit with a Special Deal!!!

UPDATE: I am going to break every rule of blogging and journalism because it feels right: YOU ARE A BUNCH OF SMUG INGRATES!!! This post has been viewed thousands of times and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON HAS HELPED THE CHARITY OF THEIR CHOICE GET SOME FREE LOCAL PUBLICITY. Shame! I guess you are too busy giving each other VIRTUAL GIFTS ON FACEBOOK. ACT NOW AND GET SOME FREE PUBLICITY FOR THE CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE.

Do you have a SPECIAL CHARITY OR NON-PROFIT that you would like to share with the world? ASPCA? CASA? Greenpeace?

I will give a free Public Service Announcement for that charity. All you have to do is any five of the following tasks:

It will take you 10 MINUTES. You will do something good for yourself and for the charity of your choice. When you have completed any 5 of these tasks, leave a comment in this post with the tasks you completed and the info for your charity of choice. I will post a PSA regarding it and a link on my link page. I WILL DO THIS FOR THE FIRST TEN PARTICIPANTS!!!