Proof of the Unseen Spiritual World

Proof of the Unseen Spiritual World

[Mark Glover is Contributing Editor Alpine. Click here to visit Trans-Pecos Science Moment for more of his thoughts on the Big Bend.]

pen and pen stand woodcutAlpine– Kind of level under A Mountain on the south side… Marfa Public Radio airwaves bounce around and curl compete with 2nd Peter verse 4 check check – Marvin Gaye: “Party” that’s a 24 minute cut, but Leslie cuts it short – it’s a good blend and then the cleft in the cliff – a transformer burps 440 volts, dusk – hey hey hey – is over. Dark-ness, except for the streetlights.

The next song cuts a groove in 2nd Peter- Oh did u know that wine is a different place than beer? You didn’t know that? In the weight saving green Bordeaux bottle – proof?

The street light vibes , clicks, catches – BLINDS. Tonight’s the night – Oh, God. Genesis. I love that man. Du ta du ta du – take a walk on the wildside- the dude’s sending his flick to Marfa –

Where’s the proof?

It’s understandable better when the aperception is running – no words, please.

Have you ever driven from Midland to Alpine on a Friday night, after a hard day, and fairly bad radio all day long and then this dude lights up something and you realize somewhere around Coyanosa – that this shit is special? What’s he playing now? “I don’t feel like talking tonight, I’m just gonna let this shit ride.”

He doesn’t exactly say that because like he grew up in the 80’s somewhere in NM and people don’t talk like that there, even after L.A.

You gonna have to get your own proof.