Re-open Terlingua Ranch Lodge?

Re-open Terlingua Ranch Lodge?

If you are a Terlingua Ranch property owner, I highly recommend joining this Yahoo Group, Freedom for Terlingua Ranch. Also, please be sure to complete the surveys regarding this matter.

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about re-opening the Terlingua Ranch Lodge so that members who bought land because of the washers, pool, bathhouse can have those amenities now.

The property owners seem torn between either supporting a status quo that many see as corrupt or condoning the economic waste arising from having the facility closed. Something needs to be done… it just seems difficult to build a consensus.

This is a rough draft below, and comments (especially from property owners there) are greatly appreciated:


Second Draft


* Dean Bucher is back in the area. We recommend that he be housed in return for light maintenance duties.

* The General Manager must be interested in the success of the program and act to provide needed information and assistance.

* 1…BATHHOUSE OPENING—This must happen first because so many other
things require its availability.

a. Repairs—The odor situation needs to be resolved. This could be done with a small amount of volunteer labor and some parts which would also be donated. Installation of one p trap outside would be needed. Additional slope would be added to the gray water drain lines.. The mold that was mentioned will be cleaned with bleach.

b. Rekeying—Both the bathhouse and the pool gates need to be rekeyed with at least 50 blanks purchased. The assumption is made that the key machine in the office still works. Clara Willis will pay for this rekeying.

c. Sale of keys—This will have to either be handled in the office on the days it is open or through the mail. Day use keys can only be available on the days the office is open. Day use keys would have to require the leaving of a deposit until the key is returned.

d. Yearly cost of keys: MIGS–$100


Non property owners–$175

Day use keys –$10 for a group of 5. Any additional people would need to pay $5 each. (How many of you would be willing to pay this?)

e. There will be a rules sheet that each person will sign. It should detail the fact that each party is responsible for cleaning up after themselves since the ranch has no maintenance personnel. They should be asked to keep the place cleaner than they would their own home.

f. Weekly cleaning will be done by volunteers. (How many of you would be willing to volunteer?)

g. Costs of cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and paper towels should be covered by key sales.

h. Electric costs should also be covered by the key sales. It would be ideal to install motion sensitive light in the bath house. Hopefully we can get this cost donated.
i.. A 911 phone must be made available. This costs $22 a month.

j. Any necessary repairs to the water system should be the responsibility of general maintenance costs

k. Costs: Information and numbers used here were taken from ideas provided by the general manager and “Financial Analysis of Expenses and Revenues” prepared by the Budget & Finance Committee 3/05/09

l 911 phone costs $22 a month costs (for 5 months $110) for 12 months $264

l Cleaning & maintenance supplies (estimated $75 a month) 900

l Electricity for lights, fans, hot water (estimated $150 a month) 1800

l Total $2964

l l.. Estimated income: Historically, 40 keys were sold per year on average. 40 X $100 equals $4000.

2. SWIMMING POOL. It is obvious that the majority of keys sold were for use of the swimming pool. The swimming pool has been maintained in pristine condition. This cost has already been covered by the general fund, and should continue. Volunteers have been found who would do the necessary testing and treatment of the pool weekly. Additional chemicals required by usage of the pool could be covered by the surplus amount from above.

3. LAUNDRY FACILITY—At time of inspection the laundry facility was in good condition, with every machine working. A broom and dust pan would be provided for use by the people using the facility. A box of clean rags would be provided for wiping off the machines. A box labeled for dirty rags would be placed by the cleans ones. Patrons will be asked to throw some of the dirty rags in their own laundry if there is room. The facility will be checked weekly by a volunteer who will empty the coin boxes. (Volunteers? )

4. It is not possible at this time to determine the costs of electricity and propane which will be used. Those, however, will not be used if the machines are not being used and bringing in money. Close records must be kept. It may be necessary to increase the cost per machine.
With Dean’s assistance in return for housing, the facility will be open from 1 pm to 8 pm Thursday through Sunday for a trial basis. Dean’s costs should be absorbed by the Ranch since he will be caretaking as well.

5. Otherwise, the facility will remain open with posted request not to use after dark because of increased electric usage.

6. RV SPOTS—A self pay and registration station would be set up, requesting the use of credit cards instead of cash. Maps and directions would be available. Full hook-up areas would bring in $25 a night. Water and electric only sites should bring in $20 a night. Camp spots with no utilities should be available for $10 a night.

7. CABINS—Four of the best quads should be opened, the others closed for repair with monies brought in from cabin rental. Cabins could be cleaned by a contract person based on rental only. Renters could be required to bring their own bedding and towels. Rooms could bring in a minimum of $50 a night. MIGS should be given a 10% discount if they are personally staying in it. (Also, the TP, soap, shampoo will not be supplied, users must bring their own).

8. RESTAURANT—Find a couple or 2 or 3 friends who would like “their own” business. Give them the restaurant to operate with them being responsible for buying food and supplies and a pro-rated portion of the insurance and utilities. Charge them no rent nor sharing of profits. These same people might be the ones used on a contract basis to clean the rooms.

Please leave your comments and ideas below.

16 thoughts on “Re-open Terlingua Ranch Lodge?

  1. Private Citizen

    If I had a year of time and a shovel, I could not dig out the ill will I have amassed toward this money-vacuum organization called POATRI. If this organization is resurrected, it will not be by me, as I have less than zero trust in any person connected to the governance of this legally-enabled money collection scam that has taken the natural course of “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I am concerned that any effort to set-aright this organization will be in the shadow of those influencing the recent coarse actions of the governance of this legally-enabled contraption. Trust is earned and so far, there is an imbalance and not enough time has shown substance in change of direction away from simply exploiting the payees in this bizarre real-estate attachment contract. The best action is to eliminate requirement for their services, cancel all land attachment contracts, and if this organization continues, do so on a voluntary membership basis. It is incomprehensible that no one seems to realize this method of success and that any person would wish to continue this original system of conscription extortion based on “fee” and “no-fee” parcels.

    Salutations from Private Citizen who has experienced nothing but loss and confusion from the actions of this organization. Small changes are not appropriate and this land owner will support no such weak Olive Branch offering in place of substantial structural change that once and for all eliminates the fetish of categorizing land-owners as required “Members in Good Standing” and “Members Not in Good Standing.” Let us remember, THIS IS AMERICA and WE WERE NOT BORN TO BE FOOLS. So get off your ass and either do it right or bury it in the ground, throw a sack of lime on it, and be done with it.

  2. donmahan

    The next board meeting should be very interesting

    What will happen at the next board meeting?

    Will the board decide to sell or lease the resort?

    Will Alida Lorio finally resign?

    Or will the board finally fire Alida Lorio?

    Will a new ranch manager be appointed by the board?

    Will the board let all the property owners have the final say (by a mail in ballot) regarding any changes
    in the resort property which is owned by the property owners?

    Will the board finally permit property owners to have access to the financial records of our corporation?

    Will the board finally permit property owners to have access to the membership records (Tripod)?

    Will the board finally let property owners have honest elections:

    · Without board propaganda?

    · With election poll watchers?

    · Without letting the ranch manager keep all election results on her personal memory stick?

    Some board members have said that “Change is coming” but when are they going to make some real changes? Or will it be more “secret squirrel” and “under the table deals” like property owners have been subjected to in the past?

    Regardless of what happens, the property owners now control the money(in their wallets) and they will not turn loose of it, until real change happens.


    Don Mahan

    Sun May 24, 2009 9:08 am

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  3. chris bauer

    you would think that with all the upheaval over the ranch that this site and the opportunity to post a comment under just about any name would bring out all the members. No, two posts from over a month ago. Where are the Terlingua Ranch members? Are they afraid to raise their voices, haven’t heard about the site, or just apathetic to the cause?

    with all the yahoo groups surrounding TR, and all the members, of the four groups I belong to, 1311 of them, no one has anything to say. it is the same old crowd of about 20 members who have a true passion for getting this issue resolved.

    apathetic. where is the “american drive” of get out and vote, let your voices be heard?

  4. Kathleen

    I was the co-chair of that committee to try to get the BOD to let us volunteers open up the swimming pool, bathhouse and laundry. Our proposal was rejected and a counter proposal made by the board. Their counter proposal was unacceptable.
    So we have withdrawn our offer.
    The BOD voted at the last board meeting in April to sell(with owner voted permission) or lease the lodge area. If this is done, the person who buys or leases it can not use it as their private residence. Our covenants would go along with it and the new leasee or owner would have to keep it open for our use at capped prices.

    I think that might be a wise idea at this point. That would keep the TR owners from having to pay our TRMA dues towards it.

  5. irrate owner

    To Kathleen You seem to think the covenants are going to remain the same and go with the land. You better do a careful reread, the covenants can be changed by not much more than a handful of large land owners

  6. Marc

    150 bucks a year is justified to cover what expenses? I was thinking out loud, and isnt the county required to take care of roads? if not why? and what is our tax money for? 150 bucks for the laundry? isnt it a coin opperated machine?
    150 bucks for the pool? dont we have to pay extra to use the pool? Im the type that likes to get something for my money and if I dont use the lodge then 150 bucks must go for the roads. Are the roads getting taken care off? and is this something that my taxes to the county are supposed to go to anyway? right now I pay under 30 bucks for taxes. If it goes up to 100 bucks and I didnt have to pay the HOA, then I would know what I am paying for at least. Then if I wanted to pay for laundry or to swim I would be a consumer customer and have a choice to do so when I wanted to and pay some entrance fee and laundrymat charge. No problem. It seems to me that the covenants are the biggest issue if the lodge went private ownership.
    I dont want to be told what to do on my property as long as what I do doesnt hurt anyone else. The owners ageeing to freeze the covenants indefinitely and rid its self of the hoa and sell the lodge to KOA or someone else who wants to run it like a business sounds good to me. NO NEW OR CHANGED COVENANTS, but can we convince the county to maintain the roads if we drop the Hoa fee and accept little higher taxes? At least the county doesnt steal land as fast as they can. they just try to collect taxes reasonably to cover costs for what they provide. not only that but those recieving more bennefit pay alittle more like it should be. I could be wrong but then again I was just thinking out loud and have much to learn. thankyou

  7. Dan

    Wow My friend and I were looking to buy property, but it seems there is heavy issues here.
    I am sure that my friend Larry would come to the ranch and run the lodge for free and do repairs that would be needed. We would still purchase property.
    Are we talking a $4000 a year operation to maintain the lodge for the property owners?
    I am still interested in hearing about the future of this area.
    Please let me know what is going on.
    Thank You

  8. Kenneth Samford

    Hi.ive been a land owner down there for a few years now and it has always up sat me the way things were ran at the lodge area.I have talked about this for about the last 5 years,well maby its time for me to stop talking and do something.I owne a construction comp. here where i live,and thanks to God i thank i have the means and most of all the hart and the love for the area to do something with it.I would love to take over the lodge area,to run it,not buy it,I dont thank it should be sold,its a part of historey that should be keep as part of the ranch.I would like to do some remodleing to the rooms and the restrant,and upgrade the area to bring back the pride to the area that it needs, for thr owners and new commers alike.I have already talked to a couple from here,that are also owners there,who would be willing to move down there at my expence, and run the lodge.She has restrant experance & he has a life time of construction experance and are very people frindley.I fell in love with this place the first time i ever saw it,and 6 years later it hasnt changed.We would to take this on and improve the lodge area, and bring more captel in,I know a lote of the old timers dont want any change,and i under stand that,but i thank were at the point,without change the way as we know the ranch,will die,and the historey will die with it.thanks so much.Ken Samford ph#903-880-3470

  9. Ernie

    Anyone know if the North Corazones Tract area has electric lines running through? Also, does anyone know the average cost for getting a water well drilled?

  10. Andrew Suber

    Basically, there isn’t enough information to answer your question. Do you have a rough idea where the tract is?

    Drilling a well is very expensive, especially if you are in a remote location. Problems include finding water and re-drilling wells if you are unlucky enough not to hit water.

    Personally, I would budget about $30,000 to drill a well out there. Most of the time it would be much less than that, but it can conceivably be more.

  11. Yahannah Yisrael

    I would really like to see the whole lodge area opened up. I would be happy to volunteer to help any way I can and would be happy to pay the fees to use the pool and shower house, etc. Come on, what ever is needed, lets get it done and enjoy this ranch once again. I also would be happy to run the restaurant with the help of my family.

  12. John Crouch

    My grandparents bought land out there a long time ago. So I have been coming up there for my whole life. My dad now own the land now and we still come up there. There is one thing I would love to do is buy so more land on the ranch. I love it up there the air is clean and time slows down when your there. The old-timers that people say don’t like changes are just tired of the stuff that they have been made go through and not being able to having the fun they where used to. I know stuff changes I’m 28 years old and hearing the stores of the old days is great. There are changes need it to be made. The thing you need to keep in all of your mines is that the old times is what you are trying to sell. There are some thing that just don’t need fixing. The ranch needs money. The land owners are paying. notthing is open and the roads still need alot of work so what are they paying for. Open up talk to the land owners and let them know whats going on. I have never hear my dad say that he was ready to sell and fined some where else to buy land. I don’t want to go any where. So we all need to get together and get everything back to what the ranch was started for.

  13. J. Montgomery

    I visited your beautiful area in 2008 and I thought to myself, “I hope the people who live out here know what they have”. I have read the articles, etc. concerning the ranch and the problems. I am not totally aware of the complete details of your problems – but if you love some place and want to see it survive then you have to work together. After hurricane Katrina believe me things changed drastically in so many lives, people worked together and helped one another without just to make things livable. Right now it seems that you all are going through a storm. At Terlingua you have history and beauty that can’t be replaced and you certainly don’t want to lose it because adults can not come to a civil understanding of what needs to be done. Be simple in what you want to do – that is the mystic of your beautiful area, simplicity. It would seem if you are a property owner paying dues you would have some input to the “Property Owners Association” since it is an association. It seems to me that you “all” would want the same. By the on going turmoil it appears you are discouraging people not to buy property (unless that is what you wany). Few owners, means less help and less funds. You can’t have something for nothing. If I lived there I would volunteer for anything until the lodge was up and running and standing on its own two feet. I know I am just an out siders, but really you all have to realize what a beautiful, unique area you are blessed to be in.

  14. Patt Stevens

    We have recently inherited property in the Terlingua Ranch and are planning to visit this spring. Is there a site to get info about ammenities or an updated map of the area.

  15. The misterious stranger

    Howdy, The Ranch is and has been open for a while now. There have been new directors with only a few of the old ones reelected. Things have been going very well, All are working towards fixing the problems. The new directors are hoping to end the lawsuits and start new. Its a shame that the past has and is tainting the Ranch but I see change already and hope ALL THE ISSUES can be resolved and the community united again. Closing the Ranch only hurts the community as many depend on it for their lively hood out here and for some of its services without having to go so far.

    I have friends on both sides of the issues and can say that I agree with both sides in some ways. I’ll deal with it no matter what happens , but would be sad to see the Ranch Close permanently as it would impact me and so many others out here financially and socially. The Ranch is still a great place to live and am happy to be here.

  16. Mike

    I have owned property in the ranch for over 25 years. My grandfather gave it to me as a gift. He was in his 80’s and was going to stop paying dues and taxes on it. When I took possesion the taxes and dues were next to nothing.
    I have never visited my property. Over the years the dues continue to rise and now law suits will cause further increases in fees no doubt. Personally I feel the lodge and as well as the cafe and cabins should close and be bulldosed to the ground. I read all the newsletters and I tire of all the politics and troubles that surround the ranch.
    If I could I’d sell my property but it’s practically worthless.