Rio Grande at Optimum Levels for River Trips

Rio Grande at Optimum Levels for River Trips

This message comes to me from Mike Davidson. Stop by Visit Big Bend for more info.

woodcutquotesleftGreat news for Rio Grande river runners, the water’s up!!!!

Due to excellent conditions, recent dam releases have raised water levels on the Rio Grande in the Big Bend National Park and Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River. The last two weeks of May and the first part of June will deliver unusually high water for this time of year. River enthusiasts of all descriptions and professional guides alike are excited about the available trip options. We are proud to announce a “yeehaw” moment.

Enhanced flows should last at least through the first week of June, hopefully longer. The much-desired Santa Elena Canyon, normally taking two- three days to navigate comfortably, will be available as a one day trip: 5-6 hours on the water with lunch plus a couple of hours driving to and fro surrounded by amazing scenery. Big Bend offers many fascinating and pleasurable travel experiences but when the river is up, nothing beats a day trip through SE.

Off the river, there is plenty to do in Big Bend. Hiking the high Chisos offers an invigorating escape from the low desert heat. Relaxing by the pool in Marathon, along with a beautiful sunset and fine dining after a day on the river will round out an exciting west Texas adventure. For current information go to