Ruggia/Vannoy Show at MSRC

Ruggia/Vannoy Show at MSRC

From Raspaland:

Alan Vannoy
He won’t call himself an expert when it comes to wine, but Alan Vannoy’s done his homework when it comes to picking out a fine vint-oh wait, this is about the show…right. Okay.

Alan Vannoy’s excited about this new set of pieces we’ll be showing at the Murphy St. Raspa Co. Like, really excited. It’s fine printmaking mixing with Alan’s mastery at compiling miscellaneous imagery.

He finds pieces lost in posterity, tossed away in dusty volumes, wrinkled magazines and cellulose wrappers and assembles them thoughtfully. He might argue with that, but pay any kind of attention to his work and you’ll see a blend of fun and focus.

These pieces, to be proper, are posters. Playful and erratic. Something different, definitely, but with something that Alan would never call a signature approach.

Check out his web site and his own words at

Chris Ruggia
OMG! Seriously…you aren’t already on Chinese web sites illegally downloading the soundtrack to the movie they’re going to make of this man’s comic?!?! Sheesh.

Fine, I’ll back up a little. Chris Ruggia has a comic he puts together called Jack: Adventures in Texas’ Big Bend featuring characters built around animals native to the Chihuahuan desert and Big Bend region.

Chris puts loads of research into every panel that makes up the comic, framing nature and narrative into an informative, artistic and most importantly, entertaining strip.

Preview the comic and go behind the scenes with Mr. Ruggia’s extensive “making of” article at (click here for the comic’s “making of”).

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