Solar Shower by John Wells

Solar Shower by John Wells

John Wells builds a solar shower for the Field Lab. Check it out.

One thought on “Solar Shower by John Wells

  1. Brittany


    I was flipping through the TV and saw Texas Reporter, luckily I happened across your showing! I find it spectacularly amazing and I (along with my significant other) are growing weary of the city (Dallas, TX). Joe, my sig. grew up in Roaring Springs and we go back every chance we get – I thoroughly enjoyed your poem, The West is Best!

    It was revealed to me that I should start on a blog but, needed interested things to discuss – You sir have given me the motivation to get started.

    I look forward to a point in the future when both myself and Joe have to opportunity to meet you and learn more about the last frontier – off the grid, self-sufficiency.


    Bark by Brittany