Sound Off! Part Deux!

Sound Off! Part Deux!

Complain, rant, praise, needle, wonder, instigate, accuse and criticize anonymously! What’s on your mind, people?

I will collect your musings for the world to see.

The easiest way to sound off:

  • Comment on this post anonymously. Also, your comments appear on the front page as soon as you make them.
  • Scribble your thoughts on a cocktail napkin with some candyapple red lipstick or an orange Crayola and send it to West Texas Weekly PO Box 1400 Alpine, Texas, 79831.
  • If you are really hard up, call me at (432) 294 2549 and leave a message on my voicemail.

Sorry, defamatory or X-rated comments will be omitted or edited.

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