Ugly Truth: America is Raising the Greatest Plague of Spoiled Mini-Whores the World has Ever Seen

Ugly Truth: America is Raising the Greatest Plague of Spoiled Mini-Whores the World has Ever Seen


We are collectively raising a plague of mini-whores that will destroy the world in an implosion of Manolo Blanhiks and fake Gucci handbags. ENOUGH!

If you are a mother who is holding up a beauty pageant winner AS ANY KIND OF ROLE MODEL TO AN INTELLIGENT CAPABLE COMPASSIONATE YOUNG WOMAN then you need your head checked.

How does instilling self-esteem in a young girl involve dressing her up like a DERANGED BELLHOP?

The parents of these kids are to blame; they should be pilloried and scourged.

The worst thing about American society is that secretly, in the dark night of our souls, we fear that the only thing that matters are YOUTH FAME AND GLAMOR. This is the darkest, deepest form of cynicism and it has no place in the life of a four year old girl.


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7 thoughts on “Ugly Truth: America is Raising the Greatest Plague of Spoiled Mini-Whores the World has Ever Seen

  1. BeautyMom1981

    First you attack our fine educational facilities and now you attack American mothers and girlhood? No one will read this trash of a ‘newspaper’ when this stupid ‘ugly truth’ week is over!

    I am proud of how pretty my little girl is and dressing up like a star helps her self-esteem. Would you take that away from her? How dare you call her names!

    I am calling local law-enforcement to have your rag of a website shut down for good! You are libelling all mothers who care about their children’s hobbies.

  2. BeanMom

    I think it’s about time someone laid it out the way it is! There’s nothing glamorous about teaching your daughters to think that the only thing that matters in life is how she looks. That’s dangerous, irresponsible, and just plain wrong. In a day and age when our youth’s self esteem is at an all time low and prescription mood stabilizers at an all time high to glorify such a practice seems unethical at the least. It would be a different story altogether if the “beauty” part of the pageant was just one component in which other more important life skills were showcased, but that’s not the case. Dressing up your daughters is one thing, pimping them out and painting them up takes away the innocence that makes child hood invaluable. Granted the wording in the article is harsh but the sentiment rings of truth. I wonder how much of a “star” your little girl feels like when she doesn’t win the competition? I’ll bet she feels inadequate and sad, and that to me is the true travesty. The fact that you’re reacting so strongly and threatening to call in law enforcement says to me that you may agree with what has been said on some level else you as an adult would have been able to shrug it off. If you can’t defend your stance better than that I wouldn’t bother to even respond. There are plenty of us who will continue to read this “trash” because we choose to, so I’d suggest you find another website on which to spew your ignorance.

  3. BeautyMom1981

    I bet you just have an ugly kid and are just jealous of me and my little princess! How dare you call my mothering skills into question? I love my daughter with all my heart and the money and time we sacrifice for singing lessons and plastic surgery are a testament to that!

    My little girl is a princess and I will demonstrate that to her by giving her the attention and confidence she deserves as future Miss America.

  4. BeanMOm

    You hit the nail on the head with that one ma’m. My kid (though I’m not sure if he/she counts as one or two seeing as how they’re conjoined at the head) is quite horrific to behold. I am absolutely seething with envy that my kid(s) will never be able to take part in a beauty pageant. Although I did get an excellent price for them from the circus- a year’s supply of spam if you can believe it! I guess I’m just lucky to have Uncle Dad to help me make more of them-the year’s more than halfway gone after all!

  5. Abbs

    No shit. This is just asking for trouble, dressing kids up as mini-whores because their wanna-be beauty queen mommies never won anything & are still trying to live vicariously through their brats by parading them as tramps in front of the pedophiles who eat this kind of stuff up. Nothing good is going to come of any of it, while Mommy is going to wonder later on why her kid was snatched by some child molester or winds up being bullied in school because she’s such a prima-donna pain in the rear that no one is going to put up with her pretentious butt. Maybe she’ll lose a few teeth but gain some humility if nothing else…

  6. Karen

    Bout damned time someone wrote what those things actually are! HOW do you justify pimping out your children for a national audience comprised of beauty mongers and pedophiles? Do you NOT WORRY that you are giving your child FALSE values? Teach them what SHOULD be taught, not the fake tans, makeup, and false teeth of the “beauty pageant world”.
    Kids are kids, not mini adults. if you don’t give them what they need, but force on them what YOU WANT, you have destroyed your child before they even had a chance. Child abuse, plain and simple is what those pageants are.