I Am Vindicated (head bloody but unbowed)

I Am Vindicated (head bloody but unbowed)

How is Sul Ross like a black man? It’s on probation.

Yay for me!

I caught a lot of local flack for my excellent and well-researched article: You Can Wipe Your Ass with a Degree from Sul Ross.

Turns out that I AM RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG. Who agrees with me? The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, THAT’S WHO!!!

They have placed Sul Ross on double-secret probation (much like in Animal House). If Sul Ross loses its accreditation, then the degrees it issues will be so much butt paper.

If Sul Ross loses its accreditation Alpine will end up like Pecos (a.k.a. a complete shithole).

Institution Name: Sul Ross State University
CEO: Dr. Ricardo Maestas
Title: President
Address 1: 400 North Harrison
Address 2:
City: Alpine State: TX Zip: 79832
Institution Phone: (432) 837-8011
Level: III
Status: Accredited
Public Sanctions: Probation
Accredited: 1929
Reaffirmed: 2008
Next Reaffirmation: 2018
Control: Public

Sul Ross State University was continued in accreditation for good cause and placed on probation because it had exhausted its two-year monitoring period for complying with the principles and had failed to demonstrate compliance with Comprehensive Standard (Institutional Effectiveness: Educational Program) of the Principles of Accreditation.

This standard expects an institution to identify intended outcomes, assess the extent of achievement of outcomes, and provide evidence of improvement based on findings regarding its educational programs and student learning.

My advice to young people is stop reading and further the inevitable decline of civilization. Stop studying. Play video games. Look at Internet pornography. Text message. Anything else is bucking the trend.

Civilization as we know it is being destroyed. Literacy is an outdated concept. So is patriotism, religion and morality. The only things that really, truly exist are television, celebrity, drugs and entertainment. I wish it wasn’t true, but it is.

Why go to college when Snookie from Jersey Shore is making $7,500 per appearance?

5 thoughts on “I Am Vindicated (head bloody but unbowed)

  1. Mary Bell Lockhart

    Others know whether Sul Ross is at great risk of losing accreditation, but as I read the document it indicates probation until Dec 2011 and thereafter it might be in compliance, continued on probation, or ruled out of compliance. So that’s all down the road. What isn’t down the road is the dire condition of the Texas budget and the likelihood of that $28 billion deficit being taken, not from those who caused the recession and deficit, but from education and services like health care that Texans need most. Our students, teachers, and workers didn’t cause this problem, but they may be punished for it. Republicans now have supermajority control of state government and they don’t like education, never have, never will. “Edukashun? Who needs that? It ain’t worth the paper you use to….” fill in the blanks.
    So, Andrew, pause to think if, perhaps not what you said, but how you said it, helps or hurts. If your main beef is with the students, how does that detract from the degree? It’s the quality of the teachers and curricula that influences the value of the degree.
    A degree in anything from anywhere accredited, whether on probation or not, enhances your economic prospects. It never hurts.
    The information you might obtain there enhances your life. It never hurts.
    The presence of an institution like Sul Ross in our community brings good to us all. It never hurts.
    Is there any evidence to the contrary for the 3 statements “It never hurts?” Not much, so let’s focus on making Sul Ross better and protecting it as a critical institution for this area.

  2. Andrew Suber

    Let me re-iterate: the faculty at Sul Ross are great.

    The main problem is that civilization is in decay. Literacy is being destroyed by Consumerism and the mass media. The average person thinks it’s a chore or a waste of time to read a book.

    Sul Ross has a huge positive impact on our lives in Alpine. But it’s wishful thinking to ignore the decline in scholarship there.

    Also, there is a real economic cost to attending school as well as an opportunity cost (the time spent there could be used more productively). You can say, “It never hurts” about a lot of things: plain yogurt, basket-weaving, accupuncture, homeopathy, UFOism, etc. However, it would be clearly foolish for a recent high school graduate to attend an unaccredited college unless it was her only choice.

    Thank your for your insights, Mary.

  3. Terlingua Teddie

    You are 100% Andrew. There is no more religion, just TV about religion. There is no more morality, just movies about morality.

    I have given up on the whole sorry scene and ‘dropped out’. I am quite happy about it too.

    We should return to pagan times and give up all our technology.

  4. Duke

    Forgive me. I can’t resist throwing my pebble in the pool. Generally I have to agree with Andrew.

    Mary, some of what you say indicates that you are resting your head on the same rail that the 10:15 from Crapville is rolling on. Stop making it a political issue. Demonizing Republicans is simplistic puppet talk. when you take talking points from the liberal spin machine and sling it around certain truths get obscured. Health care and other services are not going to fix the march toward stupid that society is skipping down.

    I like how quick Andrew is put on the defensive and slobbers praise on the Sul Ross faculty. OK, mostly he’s right. But realistically praise should be awarded on a case-by-case basis, every teacher is not great. This blanket of praise and elevation we heap on certain groups can be too automatic. Unfortunately an education degree is not that difficult to get and the top students are not generally found in those programs.

    The dry rot of our civilization is rooted in the thing that made the US great. Providing goods and services of high quality to the most people. We reduced the amount of labor needed to obtain our basic needs, which lead to more time for recreation. Once recreation became a consumable, it was taps for the intellect. Mind-Opium is the hottest selling thing on the planet. Sex, immediate gratification, escapism, load your pipe with that and puff all day. Education requires equal participation from both student and teacher. It’s not as easy as watching TV or climbing into you shell with earbuds blaring. This is not because Republicans have a majority and it can’t be cured by government without disastrous results for individual rights.