Talgar’s Opens in Alpine

Talgar’s Opens in Alpine

Great Alpine, Texas dining! Talgar McCarty has just opened a new restaurant in Alpine, Texas featuring authentic Mexican food with a unique flair. West Texas dining at its finest! Come in for dining at lunch; it is across from the Amtrak station in Alpine. Here’s a look at the place on opening day:

The fish tacos were talapia fried until a nice crust has formed in soft, fresh corn tortillas garnished with red and white cabbage, a fresh tomatillo sauce and a creamy poblano. They were fresh off the grill and completely delicious.

Talgar is also looking for cooks and waitstaff. If you are interested, drop by.

4 thoughts on “Talgar’s Opens in Alpine

  1. Liz

    Talgars is awesome! Truly, the best fish tacos! I crave them … this place is a must if you’re looking for good eats!

  2. JG

    Just tried Talgar’s this past weekend and it was wonderful! Had the chili relleno and one of the other people in our party had the special tamales. Both were great.