Tax Day Tea Party in Alpine, Texas

Tax Day Tea Party in Alpine, Texas

Breaking News: Americans are tired of high taxes. National protests are taking place. One took place at 4 to 6 PM April 15 at Railroad Park in Alpine, Texas.

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3 thoughts on “Tax Day Tea Party in Alpine, Texas

  1. Misha

    Where was everyone last year when we got a $600.00 stimulus? This year I made more money, claimed the same amount of dependants and received more than I did with the $600 stimulus last year. The new tax code is helping me out. Obama didn’t invent bail-outs either, just last year Bush bailed out several companys to the tune of 700 billion, (with a B). Where were all the protests? How come none of these people show up for civil liberty protests, or anti-war protests,(which cost a lot of tax dollars) or any other protest for that matter that doesn’t effect their money.

  2. Jay

    Part of living in a free society is the challenge to actually live the principle of free speech. That means supporting the right of those to speak whose words one hates. I strongly dislike the words I see on the signs from the rally but I support their right to be heard. On the other hand, I am reminded of the line from MacBeth, “ is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” These folks have said that they are against taxes, the question is what they would cut from the budget to eliminate the need for additional revenues. I would say to the folks at the rally, “You lost last November. Write your letters, have your rallies, issue a position paper or two. While you do that the Obama administration will get on with governing the nation.”