West Texas Weekly 04/08/10 Vol. II Issue #8

West Texas Weekly 04/08/10 Vol. II Issue #8

Big Bend Video

This video comes from Apparent Motive, from Terlingua, Texas:

This video is revolutionary. It depicts a Terlingua Liberation Front free human being giving his response to the 2010 Census. This is a true patriot, hiding his face so he can’t be isolated and shot before more people follow his example and decide they are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore!

–John Wells demonstrates a StepperSpinner. Be sure to attend the Green Scene in Terlingua on Saturday and see his oven demonstration.

–This isn’t a Big Bend video per se, but its making the rounds in local social media. Enjoy!


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Big Bend Events

Davis Mountains Theraputic Riding Center Beginning April 6th the DMTRC will be offering programs to people with disabilities using horse riding as a means of therapy. Research shows that theraputic riding improves the physical, cognitive, social and emotional functioning of people living with physical and developmental disabilities. For people living with disabilities ranging from cerebal palsy to autism, riding a horse has been shown to improve balance and joint mobility, increase muscle strength, overcome fear and anxiety, and enhance the person’s ability to set and achieve goals. For more information about how to get involved (whether as a volunteer or a patient) contact Margret O’Donnel at info [at] dmtrc [dot] org or call Fonda Ghirardi at (432) 426-2363.

2010 Texas Poet Laureate Karla Morton at SRSU On April 8 from 2:15 to 3:15 Karla Morton will be providing a poetry reading hosted by SRSU. It will take place in the Morelock Academic Building in room 302. Morton, described as “one of the most adventurous voices”, uses a mix of American poetry, prose and story-telling with a distinctly western flair. Morton is also the first Woman named Texas State Poet Laureate in more than 15 years.

Train Writers Retreat Features Japanese Haiku Hike April 9 – 11 will be the date of the 19th annual event hosted by the Texas Mountin Trail Writers of the Big Bend area and will feature a special Haiku walk in which Donna Greene, the president of the Texas Mountain Trail Writers, will be working with hikers/writers on the Haiku Writing art. Participants will be given handpainted booklets with a Far Eastern theme, also rustic lodging is available at the camp or in town at the motel/hotel of your choice. For more information, visit the website: www.texasMountainTrailWriters.org.

Terlingua Green Scene getting Ramped Up On April 10 in Terlingua Ghost Town, there will be live demonstrations begining at 11 AM on how to cook with a solar oven, build with paper-crete, knit with recycled materials, and much more. All day there will be art, music, food and drinks. This is a family-friendly event with activities for the whole family. Starlight Theatre will be hosting a story-telling event in the evening. For more information, visit

Big Bend Photos

River Road from Lajitas to Presidio
Thank you to reader Darlene LeFevre for submitting this beautiful picture of the River Road between Lajitas and Presidio, Texas.
Jackie Pepper and Susannah
–Thank you to reader Mr. Gringo for this snapshot of the immortal Jackie Pepper and Susannah– his beautiful back-up singer.

Come to Our Census Dept.

I received the following opinion from reader George Covington:

One tragic incident comes to mind and, of course, it happened in Terlingua. Now, to begin with, I’m not certain why the Census people would bother to even go to Terlingua, because as we all know and has been stated in this column before. The area is inhabited by ancient hippies, parole violators and Satan worshippers; none of whom are capable enough to fill out forms, even if they can write. The incident involved a census taker who had never met a javelina. As my regular readers know, a javelina is like a skinny pig with teeth, tusks and a really nasty attitude toward those who would interrupt its carefree lifestyle. The intrepid Census taker discovered quickly that this is one animal that you do not want to mess with and in a fit of panic, a call is made to Terlingua’s Medical Emergency Team. When the MEs showed up they shot the javelina, which was a pet. Those who are uninitiated in to the wily ways of the west might ask, “Why was such an action taken against an unarmed pet?” A better question might be, “why do medical emergency folks in Terlingua carry guns?”

Read more of George’s opinion at the Alpine Avalanche (and thanks to Mike and Cindy for giving me some encouragement and advice regarding a personal issue).

Whoops and Hollers Dept.

A man with vintage tattoos

Yr Humble Editor

Mark your calendars. My nasal tones will be heard on April 19th on KRTS’s Talk at Ten (a great show I listen to constantly). I’ll be talking about local news, blogging and new media. Thanks to all the staff there– and congrats for meeting their $70,000 pledge drive goal.

–Daniel Chamberlain, Marfa Resident, has an excellent article on the Green Scene that appeared in Arthur Magazine. ” Plus, no matter how much of a bohemian air the place may have, it’s still Texas, and while the true-to-life cowboys and good ol’ boys have a streak of tolerance and hedonism that is unique to this wild region of the Lone Star state, their presence is enough to ensure that the thick-skinned hippies and outsiders that find their way here are decidedly outlaw in spirit, if not vocation.”

Daniel, can I get you to submit some of your excellent prose and photography to WTW?

Billy Joe Shaver on trial for assault: “Willie Nelson and Robert Duvall showed their deep friendship for Billy Joe Shaver, who us accused of aggravated assault for shooting Billy Coker in the face March 31, 2007 in Lorena, by sitting through about three hours of deadly dull proceedings Thursday in Waco.”

–Dallas Observer comments on Brooklyn folkies Yeasayer; Yeasayer? Or Mehsayer? Marfa Ballroom is bringing them out and it promises to be a great show. I, for one, am really excited. Can I get a couple of press passes, Ballroom?

–Kudos to City of Presidio for mention in National Geographic: “The hoped-for remedy is a battery, a Texas-size battery, which could eventually end up playing an important role in wider use of green power generation such as solar and wind. The U.S. $25 million system, which is now charging and is set to be dedicated April 8, will be the largest use of this energy storage technology in the United States.” Click here for the full article.

–Hey, Texas. Let’s get together and do a little better. According to impartial third parties Texas has worst record of prison sex abuse. Texas has 5 of the 10 U.S. facilities with the highest sexual assault rates. This isn’t just sexual abuse at the hands of other prisoners… it’s also at the hands of guards.
A society is judged by how its most marginalized members are treated. By this standard, we are a society in peril.

Sometimes a Great Quot-ion Dept.

Whoso would be a man must also be a non-conformist. –Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays: First Series

I think we ought always to entertain our opinions with some measure of doubt. I shouldn’t wish people dogmatically to believe any philosophy, not even mine. -Bertrand Russell

Nowhere else in history has there ever been a flag that stands for the right to burn itself. This is the fractal of our flag. It stands for the right to destroy itself. -Ken Kesey

Nuttier than a Fruitcake Dept.

Recent Last Patriot post “The Terlingua Ranch is F@#$ed” has ruffled some feathers on the Ranch. There’s a Yahoo group that people swap information on. I want to thank Ronald Mahan for defending me in the following post:

I do not know if that story from the West Texas Weekly is true or not – but it is my opinion that the publisher – Andrew Suber is definitely not a “fruitcake”!

He is a lifetime Brewster County resident who has been educated as a lawyer – and most probably knows just how much of this scandal he can report without being sued. His father – Craig Suber – was sued by an earlier POATRI board – for putting up gates to limit public access across his Terlingua Ranch property – and that case is in mediation! Andrew Suber has ample reasons to illuminate any improprieties that Directors Demetri and Jordan may have committed and gotten caught doing!

Some of the Terlingua Ranch property owners are naive enough to believe that POATRI does not hide most of the unpleasant facts of life from the property owners. I recently heard the rumor that the new ranch manager the POATRI board hired – had a criminal record. My checks with the Texas Rangers disclosed the new manager did have a criminal record and the man had been convicted of a felony – cattle rustling!

My proof from the Texas Rangers was given to Director Demetri – but she never released that information to the property owners! Last year’s POATRI board had the new Ranch Manager resign and nothing was disclosed about their serious error of judgement – in failing to protect the property owner interests.

Who would want to send their POATRI fees to a convicted felon? Our new POATRI board has pledged a lot’s more transparency and openesss!

Thank you Ronald! I think I might have a notarized certificate that says that I am not a fruitcake (but at that point I will be certified.)


–One last tiny shout-out, “Aziz Ansari is F@#$ing Awesome. And his brother Aniz isn’t too bad either. Big up to all at the double T posse at tallarico.com.

6 thoughts on “West Texas Weekly 04/08/10 Vol. II Issue #8

  1. The Last Patriot

    It’s good to see young people shake off their apathy and take an interest in politics. I hope that the Terlingua Liberation Front can put their money where their mouth is and help Terlingua secede from Texas and Texas secede from THE UNITED SNAKES OF AMERICA.


  2. DJ 2nd Ammendment

    Yo! The Hutaree were stupid to try buying explosives, we need to break out the torches and pitchforks!!!

    We’ve already won the battle for the hearts and minds of America (more than 50% now know that 9/11 was an inside job) and all we have to do is make that fact public, and get the damn cops and army to uphold their oaths to the constitution, because apparently Obaba isn’t going to.

    Hussein he’s not a terrorist?
    Hussein he’s not a Muslim?
    Hussein he’s not a Kenyan?

    “And I saw satan as Barack Obama” (Hebrew for “lightning fall from heaven”)
    ~The Bible.

    We gotta untie those united snakes from around our collective throats.

  3. The Man

    You will never defeat me with irrational thought. The more you try, the crazier you look. In fact I have defeated you already using your own paranoia. Regards.

  4. Some Nobody

    Nice “Law, Stay Away!” candle, Mr. Motive… 😀

    More thoughts on the census:

    From a pure privacy standpoint, you should be able to answer every question except the constitutionally authorized one with first, fourth, or fifth amendment objections, including your signature. Just remember to answer every question.

  5. Some Nobody

    More on the Census:


    After researching this matter, we stumbled upon the following in an FAQ on the Census Bureau site following a statement about the potential $5,000 penalty for failing to complete the American Community Survey:

    “The Census Bureau is not a prosecuting agency. Failure to provide information is not likely to result in a fine. The Census Bureau staff work to achieve cooperation and high response rates by helping the public understand that responding to the ACS is a matter of civic responsibility, and prefers to encourage participation in this manner rather than prosecution.”

    Let’s be clear what has happened and the current state of census affairs means. The U.S. Constitution provides for an enumeration of the population every ten years for the purpose of determining appropriate redistricting for the House of Representatives based upon relative population changes. The Census Bureau, under questionable Constitutional authority, reads this Constitutional provision as its authority to (1) ask some additional questions about race and ethnicity, and geocode the information in government databases established and maintained by private defense contractors who have, among other things, a history of criminal prosecutions (Corporate Crime Data), including one corporation who assisted the Nazis in tracking the Jews in Eastern Europe6, (See The Data Beast—Part III) and (2) mandate that one household in forty every year answer 48 additional, highly personal questions.

    The Congress passes a law that says failure of anyone to complete any federal government census may incur a relatively modest fine of up to $100. Experiencing a declining rate of response from the population and finding no other means of forcing compliance, the Census Bureau digs up criminal statutes that (1) classify any federal violation punishable by a fine as an “infraction” and (2) override any lesser statutory penalty for the “infraction” with a $5,000 fine to justify threatening randomly-selected ACS recipients with a fine of up to fifty times the fine determined by Congress for the violation. And then the Census Bureau says, in effect, “don’t worry, we can’t force the U.S. Attorney to fine you $5,000—we are just informing you of the draconian weapons in the government’s arsenal that may be available in case you don’t cooperate.””