Terlingua is a Setting on CBS’s “Criminal Minds”

Terlingua is a Setting on CBS’s “Criminal Minds”

Season 5, Episode 19 of the CBS series “Criminal Minds” was set in Terlingua.

Titled “Rites of Passage”, the BAU travels to Texas to capture a serial killer who is targeting illegal immigrants trying to cross the U.S. border at Terlingua.

Here’s a promo for that episode:

Comments I’ve gotten from locals is that it is too populated and green to be Terlingua. Any other opinions?

4 thoughts on “Terlingua is a Setting on CBS’s “Criminal Minds”

  1. RB Ramsey

    I grew up in the county seat of Brewster county, Alpine, as to my knowledge there is a deputy assigned to that area and I think Ronnie would have a great laugh at that episode. Why can no one ever get that part of texas right? Trees and paved roads in terlingua??? Yah right!

  2. BronteSpecial

    You gotta be kidding!! The Criminal Minds episode looks nothing like the real Terlingua. Nothing like it!! Has anyone from CBS actually been to Terlingua? Apparently not. And the Big Bend area is not a good place to cross the desert. Too hot, too mountainous.

  3. lisa wilson

    Whoever wrote this episode obviously has never been to Terlingua. Probably picked a name off the South West Texas Map. FOR SHAME!!! Stupid Ass