Terlingua Green Scene

Terlingua Green Scene

It’s EASY being GREEN.
Just come to Terlingua GhostTown on April 2. Free all day, there will be hands-on demonstrations and info on everything from rain catchment, solar power, earthship construction, desert plants, cob-style adobe building, and ferro-cement construction. This Family-friendly event also includes music, food, art, face painting. There will be a “Kid’s Yard” (live farm animals you can scratch behind the ears and talk to)…

The People’s Parade is a non-motorized trip from the garden up to the Starlight. Costumes are encouraged and rewarded! Starting at 6pm in The Starlight Theater we kick off the evening events with acro-balance, followed by live theater, and art auction, fire dancing, and the film festival. These evening events are all created by amazing regional talent and can be yours for a five dollar donation.

Sponsored by Terlingua Recycles, and The Community Garden. All proceeds will go to continuing our effort to improve our community environmentally. Support Positive Local Energy and Have Fun at the Same Time.

One thought on “Terlingua Green Scene

  1. Donald W. Mahan

    Ron Mahan gave me permission to submit his post in a recent Terlingua ranch website.

    Tanya Phillips and POATRI Directors,

    It has been brought to my attention that POATRI has been considering a proposal to limit POATRI Director removals to a period of six years – rather than the present lifetime ban. While that would be a considerable improvement – it is my opinion that further Bylaw changes are badly needed to provide some due process of law protection for Directors – made subject to the current POATRI Director removal procedures. POATRI must not act as the attorney making the charges, and as the judge – ruling on its own charges. Too much “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” is involved – to expect a fair outcome for the charged Directors.

    Most of these suggestions were made by Don Mahan to the Bylaws Review Committee chaired by Director Jeff Daly – last year, but were never acted upon. However – the need for true reform of our Director removal process – in addition to reform of the penalty lengths – is very great!

    Only property owners should have the authority to remove a POATRI Director!

    We would like to see a Bylaw procedure where the BOD could recommend removal of a Director from office – but only a vote of property owners – greater than the number who originally elected a Director – could cause a removal. Texas state law says it takes a vote of POA members – greater than the number of members who originally elected a Director – is required to remove a Director! What we have now – is just bullshit dirty power politics by a small fraction of members! This would end the corrupt practice of having the party making the charges (the BOD) – also voting on the removal of Directors. And in the past, the Directors removing other Directors – even got to name new replacement Directors. Let a majority of the members decide who they want to represent them (or which Directors should be removed before their term of office expires).

    And in my opinion, that removal should only be for one term of office – if no misdemeanor nor felony was involved nor proven in a court of law. And the removal penalty for violations – should be proportional to the violation – like removal for 6 years for a proven misdemeanor – or a lifetime ban for a proven felony? What we have now is just the use of raw political power and no violations of bylaws are ever proven – nor even attempted. The majority party making the charges – gets to declare the charged Director guilty – and out of office – for as long as they want.

    This involves considerable “CONFLICT OF INTEREST” which is a violation of other POATRI bylaws – but is normally ignored.


    Do what is right for the property owners.


    Ronald Mahan