Ugly Truth Week

Ugly Truth Week

The local media is great at following high school football and city council meetings and puffing up the tepidly attractive events that crowd our social calendars.

Most (if not all) of it is irrelevant. Journalism is difficult, though; you can’t alienate your audience and advertisers even if you have a super awesome message of impending doom to share with the world.

Except I can. Why? Because I have a super-secret special ingredient at West Texas Weekly that no one else has.

It’s called “D.G.A.F.”

“D.G.A.F.” is my secret ingredient X. “D.G.A.F.” is don’t give a f!@#. Because I don’t give a f!@#. I don’t give a f!@# about the people reading this. I only care about the people who are giving me money for advertisements. Hey, and guess what, I can count those motherf!@#ers on the fingers of one hand. Once I spend their money on Natural Light, I ask them, “What have you done for me lately?”

To inaugurate Ugly Truth Week, I hereby present some of my favorite bitchings and complainings from the “Sound Off” feature:

“It’s freaking ridiculous how bad the potholes are on the South Side of Alpine are on Sul Ross Avenue. Why are we spending millions of dollars on sidewalks when your damn car will fall apart driving around?”

“All the people in Marfa need to get a clue. They think that their poopoo doesn’t stink and people actually care about their precious little artsy-fartsy bulls@#$. No way! They are only famous for Randy Quaid getting drunk and not paying his bills.”

“Why doesn’t Marfa Public Radio have ‘Car Talk’ and ‘This American Life’? Those are the best shows on Public Radio. I just listen to them on my computer and don’t even listen to KRTS.”

“There are too many damn cops out here. You can’t turn around and fart without some bozo with a badge snooping into your life.”

“West Texas Weekly is lame… all you do is copy other people’s work and steal it. YOu need to have nude photographs of hot West Texas women who like sex.”

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5 thoughts on “Ugly Truth Week

  1. Sharron Winters

    I’m looking for some information pertaining to WILDHORSE STATION. My name is Sharron Winters daughter of LOUISE HAMMER and I’ve heard some disturbing news about my sister WANDA WINTERS who resides at WildHorse Station. If you know anything please contact me at 937-241-6024. Thank You

  2. Andrew Suber

    Hi Sharron. It’s me, Andrew. I saw Nikki and the kids recently.

    Do any of our Terlingua readers know anything about this? If so, please call Sharron at the posted number.

    If I go down to Terlingua, I’ll pop in at Wildhorse Station.

    If you are really worried you should contact the Brewster’s County Sheriff’s Department.

  3. Sharron Winters

    Hi Andrew. How nice to hear from you,I’d love to see you. Thank you for asking the readers to help if they know something. Call me and I’ll explain the situation. Nikki said she’d seen you, I was mad at myself for not going on that trip. I’d really like to know what’s been going in your life. Talk soon