A Video Journey through the Big Bend

A Video Journey through the Big Bend

My goal here at West Texas Weekly is to show you the world I love. The world of the Big Bend. The scenery of the Davis Mountains, my wonderful friends in Alpine and Marfa. The rugged badlands of Terlingua and Study Butte where I grew up.

Those things are more important than me, myself. That’s why I enjoy using video to document them; it allows people to speak with their own words in their own fashion without editing. I hope my work reflects my genuine interest in life out here.

These videos were taken with a $100 camera and a humble attitude. I hope that you enjoy them.

How to Make Flour Tortillas

Victor and Christina of Murphy Street Raspa Company are wonderful additions to Alpine, Texas. Just the other day, Victor’s Mother had a demonstration of making tortillas. Growing up, a warm flour tortilla with margarine was a common snack in Terlingua.

The Big Bend Sky

These are mammatus clouds that occurred during a terribly violent storm that Terlingua endured. Wikipedia tells us that: “Mammatus, also known as mammatocumulus, meaning “Mammary cloud” or “Breast cloud” is a meteorological term applied to a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud. The name “mammatus” is derived from the Latin mamma (udder or breast), due to the clouds’ characteristic shape, as some believe there is a resemblance between the shape of these clouds and the breast of a woman.”

The clear skies and beautiful sunsets are one of the things that make life in the Big Bend unique.

Bon Iver at the Crowley Theatre, Marfa

This whole area is special. The best thing is when sensitive, aware artists understand how special it is. This band, in this setting, with this particular audience was transcendent. A lot of long-term residents get a little sick of Marfa’s reputation in the national press as a hip scene. You can’t let that make you callous to the really beautiful moments that transpire here.

Lena and Tyler’s Wedding

These are two beautiful people that I feel lucky to count as friends. They are amazing assets to the town of Marfa, Texas.

Big Bend Balloon Bash

This video shows off the beauty of an Alpine, Texas morning to full effect. The vantage point of a balloon enhances it.

Uh-Clem and Jeff on the Terlingua Porch

Uh-Clem is an ambassador of the Terlingua Ghosttown to the world. Here, on the Terlingua Porch, he explains his philosophy regarding flashlights. The Terlingua community has done an excellent job of helping him through his medical problems. Jeff plays a little uke, and the Chisos mountains in the Big Bend National Park loom on the horizon.

Big Bend Wildfire

John and Beverly at the Marfa Film Festival

I was criticized by someone for not editing out Beverly from this. I’ve known Beverly and John for a long time, and if they were really serious about me editing them out, I would. Here, I was standing with my camera and they walked into frame… so, to me, this is just as much their experience intruding into mine as vice versa.

I first met John and Beverly in Terlingua about 20 years ago when they camped at Terlingua Creek at Joe Moss’s place. The have an amazing attitude that shows in their many projects: jewelry, art cars, chimeneas, sculpture, etc.

Brahma Bull Loose in the Big Bend

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2 thoughts on “A Video Journey through the Big Bend

  1. Damien Franco

    The wife and I spent the weekend at Big Bend recently camping under the stars. It’s such a wonderful thing to do and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors and nature. Besides, West Texas rocks!