Virtual Stakeout of Mexican Border

Virtual Stakeout of Mexican Border

CNN reports on hi-tech border surveillance.

The Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition (TBSC) has joined BlueServoSM in a public-private partnership to deploy the Virtual Community Watch. This is a real-time surveillance program that allows the public to participate in fighting border crime.
You can help fight border crime. Visit this site here.
CNN reports on it here.
Is this a good idea? A bad idea? Let’s hear your thoughts on this.

6 thoughts on “Virtual Stakeout of Mexican Border

  1. George

    Good idea if you love being a snitch against people literally risking their lives to lift them and their families out of poverty, all just for violating “laws” designed by protectionists. I can understand not wanting people coming in and driving wages down, but they’re largely being hired in markets that aren’t even viable at American wages… so that argument is out the window. It’s just like outsourcing, except the work is done and paid for IN the US, contributing to the GDP and in some cases even Federal and state income taxes — so how can that not be good? Anyone scared of being replaced by a starving worker with no shoes who can’t speak English probably deserves to be fired.

  2. dos Zetas

    If you want to live in a country where your comings and goings can be recorded by secret cameras, go ahead…lay down for it.
    But as a member of the press you should take seriously your responsibilities and fight for our freedom and rights. What is the editorial opinion on this fucked up story?

    “Kicking down” I think is the term for those persons in our society who always seem to have a hard word or harsh law for those who are most needy. Read Matthew 24-25, you “Christians”.

  3. admin

    I assume people aren’t interested in my editorial opinion. I have fulfilled my duty by letting thousands of people see the story on my site (a duty that my fellow journalists have neglected completely). Frankly, the philosophy behind it is more frightening than the execution of that philosophy.

  4. Blueservojustice

    well it sure was exspensive, but at least someone is trying to stop it. it has got to stop, we already have over 20 million illegal aliens, so you see this happening anywhere else in the world? this is insanity

  5. George

    Insanity how?

    Foreigners see the ability to leave their lives of extreme poverty and hopelessness so they jump the fence and if they’re lucky their dreams come true. It makes perfect sense.

    If you want it to stop, we’d have to repeal NAFTA for starters… that would make 1000% more progress than a border wall.

  6. Dr J.P. Schwartz

    Ok, we refuse to realistically deal with any sort of guest worker program that could bring stability and take pressure off of border security and free up agents to deal with serious issues like crime and drugs crossing the border. Spending more and more on any border security will not improve what is already a hopeless badly mismanaged “non-process” that only furthers crime and death and perpetuates our “we really really don’t care about the citizens of Mexico” attitude that we have displayed all along. Beating our chest, and “enforcing the laws that are already on the books” only takes us down even lower, because 1. the laws as they stand are totally insane and unworkable, and 2. the US Mexico border is an ebb and flow of humanity that has existed for several hundred years now. Just because we draw a line does not create a reality. Except if you deal with the problem from Washington, and have your head up your proverbial *ss.