Vote for the 2nd Big Bend Photo Contest: VOTING CLOSED

Vote for the 2nd Big Bend Photo Contest: VOTING CLOSED

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your patience. I’ve been busy trying to assemble an e-mail mailing list, figuring out submission guidelines for my wonderful contributors and working on the best way to promote my generous sponsors.

HERE IT IS! Vote for your favorite Big Bend photos. Click on the photo to see it full size. Competitors can vote for their own photos. Vote by leaving the number of the entry in the comments. Share this post on Facebook so that we can get plenty of votes.

Entry #1

A Horned Toad

Oak Leaves

rainbows & cactus

Entry #2

Flowering Yucca

Big Bend Vista

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Entry #3

nine point mesa

Bluebonnets  Bee Mountain  April 2010

Buzzard Big Bend  Park April 2010

Entry #4




Entry #5

Chisos Moon

Longhorn Cattle


Thank you to all contestants and voters!

188 thoughts on “Vote for the 2nd Big Bend Photo Contest: VOTING CLOSED

  1. Hat Bailey

    Love a couple of the number three photos, and the first one of number four. My vote goes to number five, especially love the one of the moon over the basin, it’s magic!

  2. wayne blanchard

    Love all Margaret Cotter’s ” Photo’s ” Keep using that camera Margaret!!!
    Wayne said that!!!


    LIKE ALL OF #5….bluebonnnets have always been my favorites. The Longhorns and the scenery photo are nice!

  4. Jo Ann McCorkle

    #5 hands down! All 3 photos are just wonderful and absolutely shout TEXAS!

  5. Karen

    I voted for #3. I love them all because they capture the Big Bend and West Texas as I have seen it.

  6. anonymous

    I voted for #3. All of the pictures are great. They capture West Texas/Big Bend marvelously.

  7. Ernest K. Nagy

    I vote for number five – I believe it to be the most artistic representation of the required subjects.

  8. Elinor

    My vote is for entry #2. But those hawks or eagles on the fence are amazing #4. Still I vote for #2.

  9. Anthony

    I like the mixture of broad vista and close up beauty together with the isolation of one scene of the views balanced with human presence in set 2

  10. Mark Ofenstein

    I can’t believe #4 has not gotten more votes. The pictures are W. TX but the usual, I really like the budding cactus instead of blue bonnets and the sunning buzzards just caps it. #4 is my vote.

  11. Julie Chambers

    My favorite is #5. I love the full moon over the mountains. The picture of the cows is so Texas! Of coarse bluebonnets are always beautiful. Great photography.

  12. Meg Hewitt

    I vote for #5. What beautiful scenery! Great photography! Makes me want to pack my bags and head to Big Bend country.

  13. susan

    I’m a Canadian and #2 sure seems to capture the spirit of the west! My vote is #2