I Threw Up at the Waffle House

I Threw Up at the Waffle House

[The Classical Wineaux is Contributing Editor Nightlife for West Texas Weekly. He drinks whiskey at a undisclosed RV Park somewhere in West Texas. His comments are opinions and fictions, and do not reflect the opinions of West Texas Weekly, its staff or its editor.]
I Threw Up at the Waffle House
The Classical Wineaux would like to lift a glass to the people of the world and say a traditional African-American toast:
Born like a dog,
Raised like a slave,
Eatin’ and fightin
Is all I crave.

I’ve been doing some reading on the INternet on how to do blogging. They said to start with a good headline. I started mine: “I Threw Up at the Waffle House.”

I did once. It was in Northern Louisiana somewhere. You can stay for free in your RV at Wal-Mart. That same trick also works for other businesses too. I was at the Waffle House staying in my RV and had some nausea from a handle of Smirnoff I was drinking. It gets mighty hot and sticky in Louisiana. I started drinking the vodka with sweet tea and things got out of control. I don’t know my own strength I am like a huge beagle wrecking a delicate house of cards in all my dealings.

What else do I have to say? Do you have any questions what the Classical Wineaux likes to drink? I like to drink liquor. Does the Classical Wineaux have children, yes I do and I am supportive to them by doing e-mails about my travels. (Also they can read these blog postings) Is the Classical Wineaux handsome? Yes. I do okay with the ‘ladies’.

What makes you happy, Classical Wineaux?

That’s a hard one.

Short answer: CB radio, Roger Miller (chug a lug especially), garage sales, 8-tracks libraries with nice facilities you can wash up in, pretty little towns with cheap RV parks and nice barmaids, fried chicken, canned tamales, diners and coffee and cigarettes, AM country radio, my good friends.

The long answer is America and all its people that I see in my RV. America is a like a rum and coke. Coke has like a hundred ingredients– Neroli, Phosphoric Acid, Cinnamon, Sugar, etc. America is like that with the kick of the rum.

Peace to all bartenders, bar staff and friends.

2 thoughts on “I Threw Up at the Waffle House

  1. James

    West Texas Weekly is very good without blogging “advice” from the Internet. Don’t waffle – stick to what you do best.