West Texas Agates at Woodward Ranch

West Texas Agates at Woodward Ranch

Agates collected from Alpine, Marfa and elsewhere in West Texas by a dedicated rock hound. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “West Texas Agates at Woodward Ranch

  1. Cindy Weaver

    A week or so ago on the Travel Channel, Treasure Hunter show (episode: The Wild Wild West) came to Alpine and Woodward Ranch in search of red plume agates. The star of the show is a little stupid, but the info it brings is good. She did find some good agates out there. The next time I make it out West, I’m bringing my saddle bags and rock pick!

  2. admin

    Yeah, these are absolutely beautiful specimens… I might start looking myself.

    Thanks for telling me about the TV show… I just posted it. Your comments are exceptionally helpful. Contact me anytime with more leads.