Western Cuisine

Western Cuisine

[Mark Glover is Contributing Editor, Alpine. Visit his blog on regional science at Trans Pecos Science Moment.]
The outside of Alpine City Limits looks like a Hollywood set for a western movie. Long wooden porch with cedar posts and weathered planks. Walk inside and there’s more: lariats, branding irons, old saddles and a photograph of John Wayne. But this aint no set – this is a west Texas restaurant.

We grabbed a table and although the restaurant was filling fast, within a minute we had a menu in our hands. Cheeseburger and fries for the kids, a brisket sandwich for myself and Lori order Chicken Cordon Bleu. Barbeque is the big pull on the menu but seafood including Shrimp Scampi ($12.50), steamed Orange Roughy ($ 13) , and grilled Swordfish and salmon are also available. The most expensive thing on the menu is a16oz Ribeye at $23.50.

There are four salads to choose from and a number of appetizers starting at 6 bucks. And the courteous waitress tells me cobbler ranks big on the desert list.

On the walls hang a number of J R Smith paintings; horny toads, cowboy in a bright green shirt, a cactus scene and a spectacular chaparral adorns the TV room. The crowd is reasonable, cheery and the neighbors don’t mind if almost two year old Reef slams his water cup on their table.

The food came out prompt and the hit of the night was the Chicken Cordon Bleu in a dark marsala demi glaze. The brisket sandwich served in a plastic basket with wax paper was a little skinny for seven dollars but the slaw wasn’t bad for a day after Christmas.

Situated on Highway 90 between the Ramada and Hampton Inn on the west side of Alpine, the Alpine City Limits takes care of business.