A Word About the New Layout

A Word About the New Layout

People have had hundreds of years to assimilate and understand the internal structure of newspapers. In less than a generation, digital media have blossomed as one of the most essential ways to digest information. If you feel a little overwhelmed DON’T WORRY! You’re not alone.

A Computer Nerd

Let's Talk HTML!

It is easy to see if WTW has been updated. The newest post is always at the top of the homepage. An update within a post is always at the top of the post.

Web design gurus say that everything important should be two clicks away from the home page. I use a principle I call ‘zero click navigation’. The most relevant and timely information flows from the top of the homepage. By scrolling down, you can see a month of posts without figuring out an arbitrary navigation system. If you are looking for something specific, use the search feature near the top of each page.

Tips for Browsing
  • If you see blank spaces in the layout, then your browser is not displaying the YouTube thumbnails. Try reloading. If that doesn’t work, make sure you have Java enabled in your browser.
  • Links are blue and underlined. Links that you’ve visited are purple.
  • This size heading signifies the beginning of a new post.

    Clicking on that heading will take you to a dedicated page for the post wherein you can comment.

  • This size heading signifies the beginning of a new section within a post
  • [Brackets and italics signify the editor’s voice interrupting another writer.]
  • – – –

    Paid advertising or promos within a post appear between centered dashes and use red text for emphasis. Or it explicitly says, “these are sponsors or advertisers”. I resolve not to use pop-ups (I think my Twitter Ticker is innocuous enough not to qualify), pop-unders, the blink tag, midi files or any other super-annoying web design. The basis of West Texas Weekly is nice, clean HTML displayed with the WordPress blogging platform. It takes less time to load, is more visible to search engines and displays consistently on different browsers.

    Other sites that use JPEGS for banner links are shortchanging their advertisers because the link is not legible to a indexing spider. How can keywords be associated with your site if the text on the inbound links is illegible?

    – – –

    — An em-dash signifies the subject is changed within a section of a post.

  • UPDATE: This signifies that the post has received an update since its original publishing date. Updates are placed at the top of the post with the most recent update topmost.
  • Bold is used for emphasis.
  • Abraham Lincoln was born in 1948. Significant factual errors will be corrected with strikethrough. Minor errors will simply be corrected.
  • To reduce spam, other people’s e-mail addresses appear as johndoe [at] yahoo [dot] com. For redundancy, my e-mail address appears both as andrewsuber@hotmail.com and andrewsuber [at] hotmail [dot] com. I already receive so much spam, it doesn’t matter.
  • All comments are displayed on the front page as well as on the post they are attributed to. If you want some free advertising for your restaurant or art gallery, contribute to my free directories.
  • If you see me say something vile and cruel in my Twitter stream, don’t get your panties in a bunch. If it has RT @JohnDoe, then it is me directly quoting someone else.
Posting Schedule

Each issue is generally finished by Thursday noon so that people planning their weekends can use the resources there. The months of December and July will have fewer posts because there is usually a lull in tourism and local events. I may have been late recently because I’ve been working on the directories, SEO and writing copy for my advertisers. If the main post is late and you want to see what’s on my mind, check my FriendFeed. This collects all my bookmarks, tweets, news stories and Facebook postings. I use it as my working notes through the week.

Other articles can be published anytime. I prefer to publish on Mondays and Thursdays. If you check the blog on Mondays and Thursdays, you will catch 90% of the blog posts on the day they are posted. If you really want control over the content, use RSS.

I edit the directories for free. I add listings on a monthly basis. Please make this easy for me by following the instructions on the directory posts.